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Respect: Andy's Man Club and Platform 1

It's the eve of my Woodstock Warm-up gig at Cafe Ollo, Huddersfield, and I'll be honest, it's been a total distraction from going to the Woodstock Music Festival in Alabama in just a few days time.

Beyond this being a warm-up gig though, I'm really pleased to say that two important organisations are coming along to raise awareness of men's mental health and suicide prevention.

You can read my earlier blog post, to see why this is important and the connection of me going to Woodstock, Alabama.

The organisations are Andy's Man Club and Platform 1, who do amazing things in different ways, to support men who need it. They'll be there before the music starts and giving a couple of short talks about what they do. I'm genuinely thrilled that this is part of the evening and in terms of importance, it easily trumps the music aspect; at least for me.

For those coming along, thank you. For those who haven't yet booked tickets, there are still some available here.

The support and encouragement of everyone has been amazing, so for anyone who is coming, I hope you have a great time...and forgive me my nerves!

Thank you x

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