• Spencer Wilson

Woodstock Warm-up *tick*

I've had a great couple of nights this week, performing two warm-up gigs. One at Cafe Ollo, based in The Media Centre, followed by another at The Loft, Almondbury.

It was great to get support from all sides: Richard Heeley (Shambolic, Codi), who opened each night with some great songs; the owners of the venues, who provided the space for me to perform; the audiences for both nights, some of whom came to both gigs!

The response from all sides was brilliant.

As planned, Rob from Andy's Man Club, Huddersfield, came down to talk about the work they do for men's suicide prevention, along with Gez from Platform 1, who do some amazing support work for men's mental health. Do visit their websites to get the full picture, they really are amazing and much needed groups.

Of course, I played Ballad of the Wildflowers, which is 100% on my set list for The Woodstock Music Festival. You can watch the performance of it below, from the Cafe Ollo gig.

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